New York has some really beautiful architecture and Central New York has some great examples. Utica also has some of the worst examples as well.

Business Insider recently looked at the entire state for ugly buildings. They named 3 buildings; one in Syracuse, one in Albany, and one in Buffalo as the ugliest in the state. They obviously haven't taken a close look at Utica. We identified five buildings located in Utica and Frankfort of buildings that are clearly worse. Here are 5 that wouldn't be missed.

Uptown Theater, Utica

Google streetview via google maps

Uptown Theater is an example of one that is going to fall but is still standing at this point. Despite the countless attempts to renovate and revitalize the old theater.The question becomes for how long, before a developer comes in and the building is history.

AMF Pin-O-Rama, Utica

google street view via google maps

AMF Pin-O-Rama - Still in use but one ugly building. I think this bowling center needs to move into the 21st century. Its no wonder why most of the bowling centers are dying breed and need to be retired to that big Happy Days in the sky Bowling Center.

Thurstons, Utica

google street view via google maps

Thurstons - Old Bowling ally no longer in use, the building is empty and is an eyesore for the neighborhood and should be leveled.

Frankfort Town Hall, Frankfort

google street view via google maps

Frankfort Town Hall on Litchfield street - Really looks out of place, I think the building is bigger than the town. I think the upkeep on this building would warrant something much smaller and less costly to keep up.

Charlestown Mall, Utica

Charlestown USA Mall - Across from the main post office in Utica. The building is no longer in use and it's highly likely this will never become a going concern anytime in the future. I say level the building and sell the land. Typical of the whole area in the two cities.