The running of the 36th annual Boilermaker Road Race will take place on Sunday July 14th. People from all over come out for the countries best 15K road race. That means you may run into these type of people while you're trying to enjoy the road race:

That One Guy Who Always Wants To Run

Dave Wheeler/TSM

Every year you'll run into this guy... the guy who claims that next year he'll run... the guy that claims he always wants to run it.... the guy who pretends he's going to start training for next year. Next year will be their year......These people will come out of the wood works and travel in flocks.


That One Guy You Need To Explain What's A "Boilermaker"

Dave Wheeler/TSM

Every year I'm always proud to play the radio station out on the course. Every year I always get someone who must live under a rock in the city of Utica and comes up to me and asks "What's going on today".... then follows up the answer with "What's a boilermaker?". Yes, the city of Utica has actual men and women who make boilers for a living run in a road race....


The One Guy Who Has One Person He Wants To Spot Running In The Race

Dave Wheeler/TSM

It's only a sea of 14,000 people running by, and this one guy always has one person they are looking for. When you ask who are they looking for they respond with "Well they got a tank top on... and they run"...... This person will be easier to find then Edward Snowden clearly. You'll spot every one else out in the world except that one runner.


That Person Older Than Your Grandma Running In The Race While You Watch Coverage At Home

Dave Wheeler/TSM

Every year I'm always impressed with the fact people from all walks of life and all age groups run the race. I'm always fascinated with the fact these people are almost double my age, and are in way better shape. I seriously salute all of you, I'm not kidding. Good work.


That One Person Who Screams "You Can't Park Here!"

Arthur Chapman/flickr

Every year there's always one old guy who wants to scream at you for parking around the race route. Seriously, if you're going to live around the course, you're going to deal with people parking in the street. Hell, if you wanted to make a profit, charge parking.


BONUS: The Short Cut Hunter


This person doesn't care if the nations largest 15K road race is going on, they have some where to go! They will cross the race route in their car, they don't car. They will go from block to block and cause trouble with security.


To all runners, the best of luck.