Thanksgiving Dinner may hands down be the best meal of the year. The food is truly amazing, and for the most part the company is pretty good too. However, not everyone at the party knows how to control their mouths at the table. Sometimes bad things are said. Here's 5 Things You Shouldn't Talk About At The Thanksgiving Table


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With the election just ending a lot of people are happy with the results, and a lot of people are mad. If you have a super liberal Uncle Ray, he may rub in your face that Romney lost. Don't give in to this evil. Talking politics at the table is forbidden.


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Why in the world would you even consider this a topic of discussion at the table? Nothing says spirit of the season like talking about one of the most debated topics in America.

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Your girlfriend/wifes father doesn't want to hear about your trouble with his daughter, or your results after the pill. Keep this talk for the boys in the garage.

Getting Wasted The Night Before

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Your Great Aunt Lucy doesn't want to hear about how you got very wasted the night before. We get it, Thanksgiving Eve is a party night. The whole world doesn't need to hear the stories you have from the night before. What happens on Varick street, stays on Varick street.

Weight Loss

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While you're stuffing your face with that third slice of Apple Pie, weight loss isn't a thought in your mind. Don't let others bring you down on the best food day of the year. Save that talk for Black Friday morning.



What would you add to our list?