There is nothing like left overs after a great Holiday meal. Here is five of my favorites.1.  Turkey -  It still tastes great the next morning. Eat it cold , on a sandwich,  or a hot covered sandwich.

2.  Stuffing -  This always tastes better when it is heated up the next day. Makes a great meal by itself or put it on a sandwich with turkey.

3.  Mashed Potatoes -  These are always good re-heated or you can fry them up for breakfast with bacon and eggs.

4.  Cottage Cheese -  Good any time because it pretty much goes with anything. I like to dip it in the mashed potatoes. But it also goes good with steak or hamburg.

5.  Turkey Gravy -  This is awesome when you mix it up with mashed potatoes, turkey, and vegetables. It will give you a cheap meal that will fill you up, taste great and last for a few days.