Donald Trump has just issued a $5 million bet to President Barack Obama. All Obama has to do to get $5 Million donated to charity is release his college records, and passport records, and Trump says he'll donate $5 million. What if Obama chose to get the money donated to the city of Utica? Where would Trump spend $5 million in Utica? Here's what we think he'd end up buying: 

500,000 12 Packs Of Utica Club 

Utica Club

Maybe you have a party coming up and you want to stock up on your favorite Utica beer, Utica Club. You can officially buy over 500,000 12 Packs for 5 Million. If you really want to step it up, buy over 357,000 24 packs for $5 Million.

3,703,704 Halfmoons From Holland Farms

Holland Farms

If Trump really wanted to win the masses over he should consider getting to where it counts the most, their stomachs. What's more Utican than eating a halfmoon from Holland Farms? Throw in a couple thousand Jelly Buns if you'd like Mr. Trump.

357,143 Large Tomato Pies from Napolis

Eric Meier/TSM

If you plan on going out on the Lake during the summer what better lunch can you pack than tomato pie? How about not only feeding your family but the entire beach? You can grab over 357,000 large pies. Each large pie has 30 slices so that adds up to about 10,714,290 slices.

200,000 24 Packs Of Saranac Root Beer


Maybe you don't want to drink alcohol  well that shouldn't stop you from enjoying a delicious Saranac root beer. If Trump wanted to order 24 packs online he could buy over 200,000 with $5 Million.

1,666,667 Large Ice Cream Cones from Nicky Doodles

Nicky Doodles

During the summer it's a Central New York tradition to grab an ice cream cone from Nicky Doodles. If you walked up to the window with $5 Million expect a truck to bring you home with your 1,666,667 large cones.