Let's be honest, growing up Trick or Treating is amazing. Once you're an adult, you realize how creepy the fact you went to complete strangers houses and took a "treat" from them. Here's a couple obvious and comical reasons why trick or treating is dangerous. 

1) You Accept Something From A Complete Stranger

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Let's be honest and blunt on the first one. Trick or treating subjects children to complete strangers. You have your kids, who you teach never talk to strangers, to knock on a strangers door and accept candy from them. You willingly let them accept candy from someone you never met. "They looked pretty nice". That's what everyone says about serial killers too.


2) You Let Your Kids Eat From Strangers

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The fact going up to a stranger isn't the only thing wrong here, how about EATING candy provided by these people? People could easily inject this candy with LSD or other drugs. Your kids could be really thinking they are Iron Man by the end of the night. Of course parents check the bag at the end of the night, but how can you be completely safe?


3) Homemade Treats Could Be Ticking Time Bombs

Your kid rings a door bell, someone gives them a homemade popcorn ball. You smile and think how nice of your neighbors. Instead take a look at their rusted car. Is their kitchen rusty? Will your child catch a disease? You should be thinking the following: 1) Did this person prepare this treat in a clean environment?, 2) Does the food look cooked?, 3) Why couldn't this person just by KitKats for the same price that they bought ingredients to make popcorn balls?... The answer is clear.... They wanted to make popcorn balls and fill them with a laxative.


4) Watch Out For People Who Don't Give You Candy

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Growing up some older woman gave my sister a bell. Why in the world would someone give a child a bell? Seriously though. Just shut the porch light off and go to bed. Why in the world would you give a child something non-candy related on Halloween? Are you asking for eggs? Are you asking for trouble? Or is this a plot for you to give out secretly possed items by the devil to little children? My Mom still has the bell and thinks it's cute, I think it's nuts.


5) Anyone Who Gives You MaryJanes Is Dangerous



This has to be the worst piece of candy known to mankind. Why in the world did you buy this? What child do you know that actually eats this? if your children get this in their trick or treating bag, you should throw the whole bag of candy out. It seems that this person is trying to bring nothing but tears to your children, or more. They can't be trusted. These can also be in the same league as the disgusting candy in orange wrappers and black too.

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