For men, what we wear under our clothes really isn’t that important. For what she’s wearing under her clothes is almost as important as the outfit itself. The right lingerie can make clothes fit perfectly, as well as looking amazing.

Help her complete her wardrobe. Here’s a list of five pieces of lingerie every woman should have in their collection according to Your Tango:

T-shirt Bra

This bra is smooth and seamless, so her jeans and a T-shirt days can be super sexy. This will cost you less than ten bucks on ebay.


A Silk Nightie

Having a sexy nightie that is made of silk feels so good she won't want to wear anything else to bed. This will cost you 5 dollars on eBay.


A Sports Bra

Make she has the right support so her workouts are pain free. Currently these are going for a dollar on eBay.



The right foundation under a dress can make her look even more amazing. You can buy this for 22 dollars on eBay.


Matching Bra and Panty Set

For days when she wants to feel sexy, she will instantly feel flirty and fun. Pick these up for less than 20 on eBay.


[via Your Tango]