How many times did Joe Biden interrupt Paul Ryan? Answer: 82 times. How many times would Joe Biden interrupt these 5 people? Answer: 0. Here's our list of 5 people Biden wouldn't risk interrupting. 

5) Lord Voldemort

Warner Brothers

Would Biden dare speak the dark lords name? I think not. Voldemort would use a spell to just mute Biden.

4) Count von Count

Sesame Street

Even if Biden tried to interrupt him, The Count would count the times repeatedly until Biden stopped. Honestly the Count is a vampire so he has a nice set of chompers like Biden.

3) Darth Vader

Shirlaine Forrest/Getty Images for adidas

We all witnessed the power of the “Darkside” when Vader choked another man for interrupting him during Episode 4, Biden wouldn't even consider it.

2) Dali Lama

Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Syracuse University

The Dalai Lama promotes peace, compassion, and tolerance. He is the spiritual leader of millions of people. Even Biden respects that fact and that ain't no malarkey!

1) Kanye West

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Kanye is truly the king of interrupting people. Look at what he did to poor Taylor Swift? Biden's 80 plus interruptions are elementary viewed to Kanye's.