Let's face it, Central New Yorkers know how to complain. They will complain and complain all day long! Here's a couple of those complaints that are way overused. 

1) "It's too hot!" "Why do we have so much snow?"

No matter what season, Central New Yorker's like to complain about the weather. We get it, it snows a lot around here. We also get it, it gets very hot during the summer. Move on from the weather complaint!


2) "There is nothing to do around here!"

Really? Have you not heard of the Adirondack Park that is literally within driving distance from your home? Maybe you haven't heard of the several lakes in our region to go swimming at. Maybe you haven't heard of Exit 33 at Turning Stone. Maybe you haven't learned about all the family fun activities this region has to offer all year long. There is probably over a million activities you could be doing.


3) "There's no good food around here!"

Just because we don't have a few of some of the most amazing chain restaurants to ever get invented by mankind, doesn't mean we don't have amazing food. Our region prides itself on "family businesses". We have hundreds of amazing restaurants that offer a wide variety of menu items to choose from. Unless you have zero taste buds, Utica and Rome are pretty amazing with food.


4) "Why is it so dirty around here?"

Have you helped clean any? Instead of complaining, take charge! There are plenty of groups in this region trying to rebuild, and clean up many messes in this city. Complaining doesn't help the problem, grabbing a broom and garbage bag does.


5) "No famous people have ever come out of CNY!"

Really? Have you ever heard of a library or maybe that thing called the internet to look this up? We have tons of famous residents in Utica, Rome, and many in the surrounding towns and villages. Seriously, Google it. You'll be impressed.


6) What would you add?

What complaints would you add to our list?