Do you ever find yourself getting a lot of things for Christmas that you just can't use, or just don't like?  If I took ten gifts that I received for Christmas, I could always find at least two or three things I did not like. There are a few things you could re-gift that would probably go UN-noticed, but then again there is always those choice few items that make it more than obvious that they were re-gifted. Here are five items that I feel should never be re-gifted.

1)  Fruitcakes

Because only one out of fifty people like them, and when opened your first thought is hmm, I wonder how many times this has been passed around.

2)  Edible Underwear

When you open the package and find a piece missing, my first thought wold be gee, this is not a manufacturers de-fect.

3)  Pullover Sweater

They usually have some real ugly design on them, and you think if he didn't like it what made him think I would.

4)  Cologne

Nine out of ten times if cologne is re-gifted, it is because its either a knock off or something that makes you smell like your Grandfather, like Old Spice.

5)  Generic Jeans

They normally sell for between 25- 30 dollars less than Levi's, and make your butt look bad. Don't be a cheap skate, spend the extra bucks its only once a year.