I am fascinated with all the history around us in this area. Central New York has been home to many very famous people. But CNY is a big area. Let's talk about a smaller area where famous people lived. Let's talk about the small Village of Clinton. Can you name five famous people who lived in Clinton? Here are five famous people who, at one time in their lives, lived in Clinton, NY. 

5. Susan Bennett

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If you have an iPhone, you have probably heard Susan Bennett's voice--she is the voice of Siri. Bennett attended Clinton Central High School. The full story is here.

4. William M. Bristol and John R. Myers

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Both Bristol and Myers attended Hamilton College and began a pharmaceutical company in Clinton. Here is the full story of the company from the Bristol-Myers Squibb website.

3. Clara Barton

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Well before she founded the American Red Cross, Clara Barton attended school in Clinton. Here is a biography about Clara Barton.

2. Grover Cleveland

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Yes, a former president once called Clinton home. When Grover Cleveland was a child, he lived briefly in the village on Utica Street. Here is a biography about Grover Cleveland.

1. Elihu Root

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Although his name is not one that is too often heard, let's say like Grover Cleveland, he was a very, very famous person. His list of accomplishments included becoming Secretary of State, Secretary of War and he was a Nobel Peace Prize recipient. Here is a biography about Elihu Root.