Fans of the video game series Assassin's Creed finally got their first taste of the next installment of the series, Assassin's Creed 3 when a trailer was leaked to the web. The setting for the game we now know will be the Mohawk Valley of Upstate New York during the American Revolution. The Mohawk Valley is a geographic region of New York State running approximately 100 miles from Albany to Rome following the path of the Mohawk River. This area was considered the westernmost point of civilization during the 1770s as pioneers were just making their way west from the Hudson Valley. The Mohawk theater saw some of the bloodiest and most pivotal battles during the War for Independence. Here are 5 things every gamer needs to know about the Colonial-era Mohawk Valley.

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    American Civilians Slaughtered during the bloody Cherry Valley Massacre

    The Mohawk Valley was the site of two signification raids during 1777-8. The first was on the settlement at German Flatts, near present-day Ilion. While only 3 civilians died, the entire population of more than 700 Palatine Germans where left homeless. The far bloodier raid happened to the southeast of German Flatts at Cherry Valley. More than 40 soldiers and civilians were slaughtered by the British and their Seneca and Mohawk allies.

    Library of Congress
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    Americans Retaliate With The Sullivan Campaign

    After the attack on German Flatts and Cherry Valley Massacre, the Americans responded by attacking Native American settlements in Western New York. Major General John Sullivan staged his troops in the Mohawk Valley before attacking Iroquois Confederation settlements in the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier of Upstate New York.

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    Rome's Fort Bull is Haunted by Revolutionary Soldiers

    The twin forts, Bull and Stanwix were located in what is now Rome at the western end of the Mohawk Valley. This area was strategically vital due to the Oneida Carry. It's a short portage between the Mohawk Rver and Wood Creek. Wood Creek lead to Oneida Lake and then to Lake Ontario. The forts where established there to protect both ends of the Carry. Fort Bull, located today on the grounds of Erie Canal Village in Rome is a ruin that is reportedly haunted by revolutionary soldiers and Native Americans. Paranormal investigators have reported both hearing cannon fire and felt the presence of spirits from the 1700s.

    National Park Service
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    Site of the Bloodiest Battle of the Revolution

    The Battle of Oriskany, during which the Americans lost general Nicholas Herkimer is considered one of the bloodiest of the campaign. The Americans, along with their Oneida allies, lost nearly 400 while the British, who lead the ambush, suffered 65 casualties. Upon learning of the defeat, the Americans sent reinforcements to nearby Fort Stanwix under the command of Benedict Arnold.

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    Inspired the 'Last of the Mohicans' and 'Drums Along the Mohawk'

    Wartime events in the Mohawk Valley have long been the inspiration for storytellers. James Fennimore Cooper (as in Cooperstown) wrote The Leatherstrocking Tales about events in the Mohawk Valley druing the French and Indian Wars. The best known of these are 'The Last of the Mohicans' and 'The Deerslayer.' The Revolutionary War battles and raids in the Mohawk Valley inspired the novel and 1939 film called 'Drums Along the Mohawk.'

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