Let’s face it: these replacement referees could use a little refining.  Or to be less polite, they are God awful. The NFL really screwed up big time this year with the replacement referees, and honestly Monday night's bad call on the Packers is only the beginning. Seattle beat Green Bay on the most controversial call in NFL history! They should work on hiring new people. Our staffers here at Oldiez 96.1 have assembled the ultimate A-Team for the NFL. Here’s our list of “5 Celebrities That Would Make Better Referees In The NFL Than The Replacement Refs”

Pee Wee Herman


Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Could you begin to imagine the possibilities? Chairy could blow a whistle, and Pee Wee could get in the players faces and say “I know you are but what am I?” And today’s secret word could be TOUCHDOWNNNNN AHHHHHH!


Louie Anderson


Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Honestly the only reason he made this list was to do a Google search “Is Louie Anderson still alive?” and survey says, Yes!  His voice would be like nails on a chalk board on the loudspeakers of stadiums all over the country.


Danielle Colby Cushman


Danielle Colby Cushman, American Pickers/Facebook

The tattooed vixen of American Pickers who hates my guts!  Danielle, I’ll publically apologize for any hard feelings you had for being included on the “5 Hot Reality TV Stars Who Aren’t Hot In Reality”. Most ofAmerica hated me, but oh well! My inbox was filled with over 1,400 hate messages. Anyways, Danielle would make an amazing referee because she wouldn’t put up with any bull. She keeps the boys on pickers in line, and she’d keep these football players and coaches in line too.


The Grimace



Could you imagine him running down the field flapping his armless hands around? No one would know any call, what so ever, but you’d be able to laugh an entire football game.


Charlie Sheen


Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Have you seen him on his new TV show Anger Management? The man loves to throw his arms around. What better anger management than having to throw your arms around and judge football?