If the world does come to an end on 12/21/12, we all have thoughts of what we would like to do and see. I have a list of five beers that I have never tried, but will before doomsday.These are actual names of beer,they are not made-up


1)  Bad Frog Beer-  What got me about this beer was the fact that the frog on the front of the bottle is giving the finger. So I thought that is a beer I just have to try.

  2)  Apollo Space Crafted Ale-  Not really a big fan of IPAs, but I would try it just because of the neat looking blue bottles.

3)  Grolsch Premium-  Just because it would be a good way to catch a buzz quickly, 5.1% alcohol.

4)  Jack Daniels Amber Lager-  I would drink this one just out of curiosity, a big name Whiskey maker making a beer.

  5)  Red Wolf-  This one I would drink based on the name.Then would compare it to Red Dog, could anything possibly be worse?  If the world does end I wont be able to tell ya how these beers were. Then on the other hand I will not have to deal with being sick or hung over.  Happy Holidays!