Heard of 3D printing? It's just like printing text or photos to paper, only you take just about any real life object in 3D space and get it 'printed' or duplicated. Some have built real working firearms and even full size cars have been cloned part by part using this technology, but what about making records?



As you can see some are doing this and whether or not it's copyright infringement remains to be seen, and even thought the quality has a long way to go, it's interesting to note how far things have come. Although vinyl is making a comeback, many recordings aren't put on records anymore so this seems like a great way (eventually, after all of the kinks are ironed out) to make records out of any mp3 file and play them on your record player!



Even besides records the possibilities of 3D printing seem endless. Always running out of silverware or dishes? Print off a couple of forks and plates. Need a new bumper? Print one off. Passed over at the Grammys? Clone your own statues and award them to yourself. Anyway, I digress. The wheels are turning, er turntables anyway...


Time Lapse 3D Chalk Art-Drawing Super Mario