Here’s a good one for you, according to a new report by Newsweek magazine, many Americans failed an U.S. citizenship test. Here’s the results:


Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Our friends at Newsweek asked 1,000 Americans to take the U.S. citizenship test and 38 percent flunked the test. Almost half failed! Sad news for the future. The test covers American government, history, civics and rights, things we learned forever in school.

Here are the sad facts from Newsweek:

  • 29 percent of the people in the study couldn't name the vice president
  • 44 percent didn't know what the Bill of Rights was
  • 6 percent couldn't find Independence Day on the calendar! Really? What do you think the 4th of July is all about?

Do you think you can ace it? Well check It Out: Click here to take a citizenship quiz. Tell us your score!