I'm not Professor Chip Douglas but I've got a back-flip for you that'll ring your bell. Exactly three decades ago Monday, the very first compact disc hit shelves in Japan in the form of Billy Joel's already 4-year-old album 52nd Street. Noteable singles from the historic disc were My Life, Big Shot and Honesty and it can be yours today for a meager $300 on eBay!! Before that time, record stores were where you got all of your music and Apple was only making computers, namely the Apple II.


Back in 1982 actor Ronald Reagan was our president, gas was 91 cents a gallon, USA Today published it's first issue, the Weather Channel (which I use for Oldiez forecasts) aired for the first time and Robert Jarvik's first artificial heart was installed. Also the first smiley emoticon was invented for use in an email,  E.T. was released that year (obviously on VHS) and Michael Jackson's Thriller came out too (on vinyl) as did Journey's Escape album and Toto IV while playing on your TV was Magnum P.I. and Knight Rider. Deloreans were still in production and you may have been driving around a Datsun with an 8-track player in the dash. People of note that were born that year include tennis player Andy Roddick and singers Leann Rimes and Kelly Clarkson. I was playing with Lincoln Logs, He-man figures and Matchbox cars as a 4-year-old then and hadn't even discovered my parent's Atari 2600 yet.


Crazy to think about  isn't it? I'm sure I'm drawing laughs from some of you with that 4-year-old comment. But I'm still old enough to be surprised that the 80's are oldies and in our catalog on this station, but I accept and embrace it and am glad to be spinning those tunes for you. Rock on and I wonder what they'll be laughing about in regards to US in 30 years! "Dang Dad, remember those iPhones? Wow, theyre soooooo yesterday!"