Everyone talks about lonely people spending Valentine's day with a house full of cats. Why bother with cats when you can make out with dogs? A pet store called Planet Dog Company Store in Maine just held their ninth annual "Make Out With Your Dog" contest. You can either kiss your dog tongue-on-tongue, or he can just go tongue-on-face. No word if the dog licks his private parts first.

This year's proud winner was a woman who kissed her dog for 45.8 seconds is Linda Walton of Saco, Maine. The lucky dog was Beau. Big shocker, shes an old lady with nothing to lose.

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Either way making out with her dog paid off, she won a $75 gift certificate to the store. According to the video, it wasn't her first rodeo. However she out did her competition big time because second place was 16.8 seconds, third place was 11.7 seconds.

My only question.... isn't making out with your pets considered animal abuse?



[via Bangor Daily News]