Ah, New Hartford. It's the Herkimer Diamond of the area. It's so beautiful, and amazing. Why wouldn't you want to raise a family there? Here's a couple signs you probably grew up in New Hartford.

This post was written by Townsquare Media's Bri Moyer, who grew up in New Hartford. At parts it's comical, get ready for a good laugh. Once again, this is for a good laugh.

1) You owned several North Face Jackets

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Let's face it, North Face is the style of New Hartford and Clinton. If you wore a Columbia you were probably from Westmoreland. If you’re a girl you may also have owned every color/style of UGG boots.


2) Your First Car Was Amazing

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You most likely received your first car while still in high school (and it probably cost more than $10k). Now you can only dream that you still had that car. Chances are it was a Maserati.


3) Defazio’s Was And Still Is The Central Meeting Ground

Now we are talking about the old one that burned down AND the new one. Even to this day you enjoy a great slice and great drinks.


4) You Remember When The Library Was At The Point Building On Paris Road

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Currently today it's off of Oxford Road, but if you grew up in New Hartford you remember it at the Point Building.


5) You Told Your Friends You’d “Meet Them At The Village Green”

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The Village Green is the go to spot in New Hartford. Spartans will meet here on a regular basis. Also during the summer you can enjoy live music and snow cones.


6) You had Mr. Prue As Your Teacher At One Point 

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It seems Mr. Prue has been at the school for almost 50 years. At some point he probably taught you, your parents, and possibly town founder Jedediah Sanger.


7) You Eat/Ate At Georgio’s Weekly

Why not? Great Riggies, great Greens.... You can't go wrong.


8) Officer Philo Knows Your Name

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If you went to Perry, chances are you may or may not have gotten pulled over by Officer Philo. You didn't get as many tickets as you would in New York Mills, but still, you got pulled over at some point.


9) Summer Was Spent With Friends In Family Either In Town Or Up North

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Most of your summer family events/reunions took place at Sherrill Brook Park. Most of your summer was spent in Old Forge, due to that one rich friend who owned a mammoth camp with jet skis and boats. For those without pools, Woodberry was the place to be in the summer.


10) Cavallo's Served Many Different Purposes

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You used to spend every Friday night on the deck at Cavallo’s, and let's not forget Thanksgiving Eve. Thanksgiving is a high school reunion every year that starts at Cavallo’s and ends at Prop’s Inn. It was the go to place for Wing Night in the summer, and as you grew up you took a trip to the deck.


11) You Despise Whitesboro

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You will always, deep down, have a severe hatred for anyone from Whitesboro


12) Sangertown Was The Weekend Spot

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You remember spending the majority of your weekend at Sangertown Mall and catching a movie with friends at the theater that was once there.


13) You Remember Track & Bat, and The Dunes

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You miss Track & Bat, and The Dunes mini golf place, all which were destroyed when Commercial Drive got its enormous makeover with consumer square


14) You Remember Christmas In The Village

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You remember when they used to paint the windows at the NH Fire Department with a Christmas scene and set up “elf houses” all around the village green.


15) You attended All Hockey Games At The Rec Center

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You not only watched hockey there, you attempted skating lessons, and spent your summer’s there for their summer program.


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